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'The Last Supper'

In The Last Supper I established a table full of wealth and prosperity that feast kings,  while showcasing twelve empty chairs representing the missing Apostles. Yet instead of Jesus, P.M of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is placed referring him as a savior of Israel, almost as the son of god, being above the law. The image that I presented was him finishing his national feast and moving to the last part of the meal- the desert.

The last supper is a metaphor of Israel's most Dramatic crossroads:
It reflects the last supper of the Israeli P.M that is accused of criminal act, or it might be the "last supper" of the Israeli DEMOCRACY
After many years of citizens feeling incitement, of being divided into groups & sectors, the people of Israel call for unity, call for change hope & for a better future for our children.  

In the morning after I exhibited the installation, I got inspired to do my next work and instantly knew it would be the 'Hero of Israel'.

Itay Zalait The Last Supper Media Gallery
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